Out of State Military

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If you are out of state military and are looking to title and register your vehicles in Florida when purchased out of state, you will need to print out the following forms: Click on the highlighted (in blue) forms to download. All of the following forms are in PDF format and require the Adobe Acrobat Reader (version 4.0 or higher), which is available from Adobe at no charge. All of these forms and more are also available over at our ONLINE FORMS section.

*Any questions regarding non resident military, please email our title department. Your email will be answered before the close of business the same day (4:30pm CST)*

You will need to print out the following forms: (*on all paperwork submitted to the office, please list a contact phone number.)

Affidavit for Tag Transfer – This is only if you have a Florida tag that you wish to transfer to the new vehicle. Please indicate if you would like to transfer a current plate, use an old plate as credit (you must know the plate number) and be issued a new metal, and if your plate needs to be renewed.

Application for Certificate of Title with/without Registration – This is a two-page form that will require the front page to be filled out as well as sections 8 and 12 on the second page. If the title is in more than one person’s name, all parties must sign in section 12. If the vehicle has an out of state title, section 8 must be completed by a police officer with a badge number. You may use a military police officer as long as they have a badge number. If any parties listed do not have a FL driver license or state ID, we will also need a copy of their current state issued license or ID card. Please add a good contact telephone number.

Insurance Exemption for Military Members stationed outside of Florida – It is Florida law to maintain insurance on a vehicle registered in this state. Military members can be exempt from this if they complete the form and return it to us with a copy of their out of state auto insurance card or policy.

Initial Registration Fee Exemption – Only #5 on this form is applicable. This form is only used if you were a Florida resident at the time that you entered the military and had a Florida drivers license. **Be sure to submit the required documents on page 2 of this application**

License Plate Rate Chart – This is the form to calculate the fees you will need to send to our office. Page 4 has your “check off list”. Please make sure that you go over each line item and add all of the fees. In Florida you will be required to pay sales tax if it has not been paid in another state. The tax rate is 6% for Florida and 1% up to $50 for Santa Rosa County. You will be taxed on the price of the vehicle before fees, minus the value of any trade-in (if applicable).

Lienholder Title Request Letter – If you are making payments on the vehicle you will need to print this form, fill it out and mail it to your Lienholder. In turn, they will mail us the title. Please fill out the letter that corresponds with which office you will be using.
Download: Milton LetterPace LetterMidway (Navarre) Letter, Jay Letter.

Miscellaneous Affidavits Form – This form is to show proof of your Florida Residency. You will need to attach a copy of your valid Florida Drivers License, Florida Voter Registration Card. If you do not have a copy of your Voter Registration Card you will need to get this form notarized.

Sales and Use Tax Computation Chart – This is to determine how much tax you will need to pay. This amount is added to the License Plate Rate Chart on line 8

Sales Tax Exemption Affidavit – If Applicable. This form is for military members claiming exemption from paying sales tax in Florida because of the intent to pay in the state in which the vehicle was purchased. Completing this form for the purpose of trying to evade tax payment will make you liable for payment of sales tax plus a penalty of 200% of the tax and may be subject to conviction of a third degree felony.

Mail all of the above forms along with the original Out Of State Title, Bill of Sale (if purchased from a dealer) and Fees to:
Santa Rosa County Tax Collector
Attn: Title Department
6495 Caroline Street STE E.
Milton, FL 32570

*Any questions regarding non resident military, please email our title department. Your email will be answered before the close of business the same day (4:30pm CST)*