Saltwater Fishing

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The Department of Environmental Protection is the administrative office that regulates saltwater fishing. The Florida Wildlife Conservation Commission is the law enforcement agency that is charged with protecting the valuable marine resources of the State of Florida.

A saltwater fishing license is required by all anglers who fish in saltwater.

Underwater divers who take or attempt to take marine fish must also obtain a license.

Anyone who operates a non-commercial fishing vessel for hire must purchase a saltwater license. This recreational license will exempt passengers from having to obtain individual licenses.

Other Exemptions:

You don’t have to obtain a salt water fishing license if:

  1. You are fishing from a pier which has been issued a pier saltwater license.
  2. Anyone who holds a valid commercial Saltwater Products License other than the owner, operator or custodian of a vessel for which a Saltwater Fishing License is required. Only one person aboard a vessel to which a commercial Saltwater Products License has been issued may claim exemption at any given time.