Additional Real Estate Information

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The following is additional information on who to contact regarding the following information. If you have questions or need additional information contact your local branch of the offices below. Their numbers/email addresses can be found in your local phone book or through the Florida Department of Revenue’s website.

Your property value or exemptions

Property Appraiser’s Office

This office is responsible for preparing the property tax roll. They set the value of properties in their jurisdiction and adjust these values with approved exemptions.
Property Appraiser’s Office Website

Appeals about property value or exemptions

The Value Adjustment Board

This is a board made up of three county commissioners and two school board members or a special master. The board’s purpose is to hear appeals regarding denied exemptions, petitions relating to assessments, and appeals concerning ad valorem tax deferrals.

Ad Valorem tax rates

Taxing Authorities

City, county, school board, water authority, or water management district. These offices are responsible for setting property tax rates. They hold advertised public hearings where the public is invited to speak on the proposed tax rate.

Non Ad-Valorem assessments

Local Levying Authorities

These agencies are responsible for setting non-ad valorem assessments. In some areas this may include solid waste, street lighting, and storm water fees. They hold advertised public hearings where the public is invited to speak on the decision to initially impose the non-ad valorem assessment.

Your tax bill

The Tax Collector’s Office

This office is responsible for preparing and mailing tax notices (tax bills). These notices are based on the tax rolls prepared by the property appraiser and non-ad valorem assessments provided by the levying governments.