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(1) Does the free hunting and fishing license for senior citizens apply only to Florida residents or are they for all senior citizens?
A: The complimentary free hunting and fishing license for senior citizens applies ONLY to Florida residents.

(2) Do senior citizens have to apply for a quota hunt?
A: No, but some restrictions apply. Please contact our office for specific details.

(3) If a person moves to Florida and applies for the Disabled Hunting and Fishing license, can they hunt and/or fish during the time period they are waiting for the state to issue their disabled license? or do they have to pay for a license in order to be legal during that time?
A: No, they can't hunt or fish during this time. Yes, they must purchase a license if they want to hunt or fish until they receive their disabled license.

(4) On the disability hunting and fishing license form, one proof of residency is a statement from a current landlord. Can this just be a simple statement on paper or does it have to be something special? What does the statement need to contain?
A: Yes, the landlord can write a statement stating (John Doe) has been living on my premises or I have been collecting rent from (John Doe) for a period of six months. The landlord's signature doesn't need to be notorized.

(5) Where are the boundaries for the Water Management areas?
A: This information can be found in the hunting handbook and regulations summary magazine under 'Wildlife Management Areas' and other individual brochures we have in our offices.

(6) Do you have to have a fishing license if you are fishing from a pier?
A: It depends on where you are fishing. In freshwater, the 'cane pole law' allows a FL resident to fish in the county of his/her residency without a license. The angler can use live or natural bait and poles or hand lines that are not equipped with a reel, for non commercial purposes only. In saltwater, you are required to have a valid 'shorline only' fishing license or saltwater license unless the pier you are fishing from has a valid pier license.

(7) Do you need a fishing license if you are on a charter vessel?
A: If you are fishing from a vessel, guide, charter, party boat or head boat with a valid recreational fishing license, you dont need a license.

(8) Do you need a saltwater license if you catch saltwater fish in freshwater?
A: Yes, if you are fishing for saltwater fish in freshwater, then a saltwater license is required.

(9) Do you have to have a saltwater license if you are catching mullet in freshwater?
A: A Florida resident who is fishing for mullet in freshwater with a valid FL Freshwater fishing license will not need a saltwater license.

(10) Can you use nets to fish in freshwater and saltwater?
A: The following types of nets may be used for recreational purposes in Florida waters: bully nets (for lobster only), landing or dip nets, cast nets, push nets, beach or haul seines. Recreational seines may have a maximum of 500 sq. ft. of mesh area and no larger than a 2" stretch mesh.

(11) Can you use traps to catch fish?
A: Traps may be used in recreational fishing for stone crab, blue crab, shrimp, pinfish and black sea bass subject to the appropriate regulations.

(12) Do you have to have a fishing license if you use a cane pole?

A: The 'cane pole law' allows a resident to fish in the county of his/her residence with live or natural bait, using poles or hand lines that are not equipped with a reel, for non-commercial purposes.


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